[ s i l e n t b r e e d ]

[the band]

Antoine Laurent (drums)
Philippe Léothaud (bass)
Arnaud Sintès (guitars & vocals)
Claude-Jacques Tronquet (synths)

[the story]

Silentbreed is a project originally born in Arnaud's mind around the year 2000,
a concept at first musical, but also textual, graphical and philosophical.

Fed with the years by multiple musical influences
- from metal to progressive-rock, passing by the death, the jazz or the classical music -
and by many meetings with people who support and refine the project,
Silentbreed slowly but surely built itself for finally being concretized in 2006,
with Jack (Funky Quest / Twilight Opus) on synths, Philippe (Quincannon) on the bass and
Antoine (Blue Paranoia) on the drums.

Blackened, the first released effort of the band, shows a unique musical direction
laying from soft rock materials to the harsh sonorities of metal,
with some kind of unexpected tensions and a general blend between a modern approach and a retro-feeling.


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Silentbreed logo created by Audrey Fobis

music written and produced by Arnaud Sintès
lyrics by Nathalie Bosc & Arnaud Sintès
mixed by David Prudent & Arnaud Sintès

Seclusion smothers my joy, my passions,
heading forward my social decrease,
untrustworthy friends misunderstanding,
love is not even what I'm looking for

and I flee this sensation,
reaching the harsh coldness of a place inside of me,
this land of silence
where hope hides in the darkest recess

"don't fear, you wished to be here,
this blackened soul deserves your redemption"

Slow relief... Misty dreams...
A maze of thoughts... dreadful...

Leaving the dusk, I have to breathe
to smell again excitment, adventure

I need a star to guide my steps
when in the night I have to walk alone,
to leave, to avoid the fall, to dream free

Mind traps...

The thin border between madness and sanity
will faint again in the solitude,
the doubt in me about my goals will understress
the fact that I cannot drain that blackened soul