> A geek business card
A few days earlier, a friend (François Pesce) gave me a link to an analysis from Fabien Sanglard about the Andrew Kensler's version of Paul Heckbert's business card raytracer.

Geek enough, I've to do my own compilable business card! :D

There it is, in a standard 8.5x5.4cm outfit:

You can access to the source file and compile it yourself (need a C++11 compiler, works well here with VS2012), or get this precompiled Win32 version.

Once compiled as a "card" binary, you have to execute it and redirect the output to a "asintes.ppm" file ("card > asintes.ppm" will work, I guess).

It will create a 1024x512 24bits RGB PPM formatted file that you can read with any image reader (if not, use an online converter to go jpg/png).

No raytracing this time, but some antialiased volumetric light rays (faked) dedicated to my own glory: