chokhmah ("Wisdom")[2]
is the uppermost of the sephiroth on the "Pillar of Mercy" line in the kabbalistic Tree of Life.

chokhmah is the first power of conscious intellect within Creation, and the first point of real existence.
there is no beginning but wisdom - "the beginning of wisdom: the fear of the Lord" (Ps. 110:11)

chokhmah is also a collaborative studio project dedicated to progressive musics.
"a Queen of Heart" (2016) - 320Kbps MP3 (~16MB) | raw WAV (~70MB)
    "a Queen of Heart" lyrics (Arnaud Sintès):

I hear the growing noise of revolt, I feel your sadness and their elation
Out of their bounds you need to molt, together you must converge
They compelled me to the way of grief, drove us from slavery to starvation,
they'll have to fight your disbelief, the dissent which starts to emerge

A light against the fear, the squalid portrayal of gods insane now revealed
False idols to revere but despite denial the oath remains
Born from a rite to feed the Death, something ethereal seems to profane her soul unsealed
They'll snatch the Queen's last breath to lead the burial of prior reigns

Crowds mourn for the chosen one, the purest amongst her peers, blessed with the grace of our sun
Even the clouds roll by the crimson sky to pour some tears right into her eye

Rise and fall of gods kneaded of flesh, self-deception of men
Their faith spilled down the wall, a coarse bait to enmesh hope and despair again

Doleful wailings hardly escape her lips, a strong trigger in dissident minds
While their uprising in the darkness she trips, then forever with their fate she binds

Find a way out following the light, walk with no doubt when facing the night

Crushed by the wisdom of your silent heart, the primeval sin turn unconcealed, where it belongs
Icon of freedom cruelly teared apart, now you lead hope in the battlefield to right the wrongs
"a Nameless Hunger" (2012) - 320Kbps MP3 (~18MB) | raw WAV (~80MB)
    "a Nameless Hunger" lyrics (Arnaud Sintès):

Fill the void inside, feed the strange plan to hide, fear the voice outside, feel the need to collide

I aim the face of people merely amused and I feel ashamed, they're all so easily abused

There's a dark seed hung deep inside, there's no escape, there's no turning back
The starving is useless and will just leave you faithless
Embrace the day of your come back, coz' your power's still intact
Open your hands and grab all you can, it's for yourself after all
There's a dark seed hung deep inside, there's no escape, there's no turning back

Lost myself out of my thoughts, into a silent space of truth
I drain my faith, tired to have fought this nameless hunger we try to soothe

Blind you are, missing what I am inside / Hide until it's time, I rest underground

Confusing the skyline, I'm laying underneath / Trapped around your bruised flesh, I'm waiting for blood
Poisoning the mankind, I'm spreading the disease / Insufflating power, whispering you're mine now

Things running wild and I'm feeling the force, slowly, I'm going through the perversion of innocence
Fears lost in time 'cause I'm hearing the voice shouting, calling for something that is full of dissonance

There's a dark seed...

Slowly, I'm drifting again, I disappear, I'm invisible / Sailing through the silence, along the lines of fate
I'm waiting for the moment to arise out of the gaze
I'm fading away into a dark and stinking alley
where the shadows, oh the shadows now show me a way close to your soul
Like thundering, I'm falling, embracing all I'm meant to be
and I feel some appeasement when you're in me...
    "a Queen of Heart" credits:

Florian Arnaud: guitars
Maguelone Bougnague: spoken vocals
Benjamin Marmier: drums
Benoît Salaville: bass
Arnaud Sintès: vocals, synths & add. guitars

guitars & bass recorded by Florian Arnaud
drums recorded by Benjamin Marmier
vocals & synths recorded by Arnaud Sintès

reamped, mixed & mastered by Brett Caldas-Lima at the Tower Studio
    "a Nameless Hunger" credits:

Maguelone Bougnague: spoken vocals
David Fantoni: death growls & ending soundscape
Gordon Huillery: ending lead guitar
Benjamin Marmier: drums
Benoît Salaville: bass
Arnaud Sintès: guitars, clean vocals & synths
Claude-Jacques Tronquet: synth lead
Eric Trousset: guitar solo

guitars, bass & synths recorded by Arnaud Sintès
drums recorded by Benjamin Marmier
vocals recorded by Paul Viguier

mixed by David Fantoni at the Innersound Studio
mastered by Brett Caldas-Lima at the Tower Studio

Antropofago (Gordon) - DetoxeD (David, Benoît) - Innerside (David) - Kalisia (Brett)
M.o.D.E. (Florian, Benjamin, Benoît, Arnaud, Claude-Jacques) - MILS (Benjamin, Claude-Jacques)
Silentbreed (Arnaud, Claude-Jacques) - Twilight Opus (Arnaud, Claude-Jacques, Eric)
Veils of Perception (David, Arnaud, Claude-Jacques) - Virtual Realm (Florian)

all guitars & bass amped using Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo PI-101 technology
Gordon Huillery & Arnaud Sintès plays exclusively Hugo Mermet guitars