my name is Arnaud Sintès and this is some kind of egocentric page with related links about me, myself and I.
I'm a software architect and a technical leader specialized in the C++ language, based in Montpellier (FR), and I'm currently working at Quantum Surgical.

Previously I've worked for many companies including Zimmer Biomet Robotics (formerly Medtech surgical), Schlumberger, Globecast (formerly Netia) or Intrasense and I've also worked as a freelance for AudioTouch on a VST based controller plugin.
Occasionally, I've done some webdesign/webmastering, mainly for Hiramys.

Headhunters, please refers to LinkedIn (EN - up to date) to check my profile.
I studied classical and jazz music as a lyric low-bass singer and I'm currently working for the fabulous M.o.D.E. post-rock/coldwave band!
I'm also a guitarist and I'm working on a progressive rock/metal collaborative studio project named Chokhmah including a lot of talented musician and we've released so far three amazing tracks: a Truth to be Told, a Queen of Heart and a Nameless Hunger, alonside some guest participations to friend's projects.

In the past, I was a founding member of Veils of Perception (death/black metal, as guitarist/lyric singer), the Silentbreed progressive rock project (guitars/voice), the Twilight Opus heavy metal band (lead voice) and some weird experimental project (Chut! Orkestra) as singer.
I've also sang some of the songs of the electronic/rock band MILS.
Graphic art
I like graphic arts and more specifically photography, so I sometimes try to shoot things like bands or more often my lovely warrior wife Maguelone and our animals :-)

You can find some of my works by browsing my portfolio (or the previous one), my deviantART page or my facebook portfolio.
I'm also doing some pure design works for professional purposes or just for fun.
I like cinematography too, so I worked on projects like the An'Hedonya [Purple Death] music video, Virtual Realm [Weirdroid] and Virtual Realm [L.O.C.K.] music videos, the MILS [Come Home] music video, the Brandy Snaps Factory [RnR dancing show] dancing showcase or the M.o.D.E. [Summerfrost] music video (and also some M.o.D.E. related guitar solo snippets)
I also performed some editing for Two Notes Audio Engineering's Torpedo Live demo and some live shootings for friends.
As a pastime activity, I'm contributing (C developement) to the Magic Lantern open-source project which is a software add-on for Canon EOS cameras, with currently three 5D mark III feature additions (ultrafast preview, SD/CF dual slots free space display and focus sequencing).

Previously, I've also worked on an open-source video editor project named Stuka and a software based global illumination solution, then I tried to share some thoughts about C++11 design patterns and more specifically about modern architectures and advanced solutions.
I've also released a small command line tools named Cube tool, to generate Adobe's Photoshop CS6 compatible 3D LUTs from two given source images.

Ho, and I've a geek business card... :D