Stuka - music video creator for studio recording sessions
v1.0.9 by arnaud sintès & nicolas combe

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Stuka is a small piece of software dedicated to batch some video editing process.
It was notably done to edit a bunch of video files related to studio recording sessions, in order to sync them to a timeline sequenced audio file and to display them into a particular layout of viewports.

Stuka works with a script file which describes mainly the output file configuration, a list of input video files with synching orders and image adjustments and a list of timeline markers to set up the layout.

Stuka also provides a specific panel to help with real-time video adjustments, like color balance, brightness, contrast, saturation ans noise reduction.

Stuka is free and open source.

Stuka decodes the input video files using the fabulous FFmpeg libavcodec library.

some Stuka build result sample

Download the related script file for this video

all the video samples on this website are extracted from the recording sessions of the Chokhmah project, featuring guitar heroes Eric Trousset and Gordon Huillery, thanks to them !

this video was made using Stuka, featuring Brett Caldas-Lima from the Tower Studio showing the power of the Torpedo Live by Two Notes Audio Engineering on the track "the Great Vacuity of Modern Life" by DetoxeD !

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